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Hey everybody! Just wanted to give an update regarding the future of Tangent.

Currently, there are 3 main goals that I want to reach moving forward

  1. Cross platform support
  2. Mesh deformation
  3. Updates to the rigging workflow

Right now I've been working on porting Tangent over from C# to Rust, this has two major benefits.  One, it allows me to target Linux and MacOS and two, it'll give a major performance boost to the application. Once that's completed I'll tackle mesh deformation followed by the updates to the rigging workflow. 

For rigging I want there to be an option to first lay out images in the configuration you want first then draw the bones on top of them and choosing what image links to what bone.  

I can't give an exact date for when this will always be done since it's just me working on the project while still fixing any bugs that come up with the current version.  But keep your eyes out for future updates (and new projects)!

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this software is really clean and nice! Can't wait to try the new updates!