Small Asset Browser Patch

Hey everybody! I realize that there has been some confusion on how to add in images so here's a small patch trying to correct that. All it does is add some text over the asset browser that reads "Right-click to add sprites". As always if there are any questions or feature requests just leave a comment or join the  discord as I respond a lot faster there.

Files 11 MB
Version 6 Jan 16, 2021

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Hi, I right clicked the section you mentioned, and then clicked import, but the program crashed and just completely disappeared without any notices. 

Hey, make sure that .net 4.8 is installed on your machine. It can be found here

4.8 is already installed in my computer and it still gave me that issue. :(

Just pushed another patched that added some logging. Download that, try to import a sprite again and when it crashes go to %AppData%\Roaming\MarauderGames and send me the log file there to

MarauderGames is not in the Appdata folder since I didn't install it. The software ran just by clicking the .exe folder. Unless it's still supposed to work? I decided to try and figure it out, and run as admin seemed to work, but now the image won't display. It shows in the bottom right but won't work. 

Yes, it should still work. I'm honestly unsure how to help you next as I can not replicate the bugs on my test computers. I do know that errors like these can occur for the following reasons:

  • .Net 4.8 isn't installed
  • Windows 10 needs to be updated
  • The .exe is being ran outside of its original folder
  • The folder containing the .exe isn't extracted

I can help you further if you can join the discord so we can screen share to track down the problem.